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Welcome to , the Information Resource
Center and Visitor Guide for Mount St. Helens.
Johnston Ridge Observatory and the Mt. St. Helens Forest Learning Center - elk
viewing, gift store and rest area are
ALL OPEN for the 2019 Season (May 18)  !

For Visitor Services call 360-274-7750.   The 30+ year-old Mt. St. Helens Visitor Center at
milepost 5 is also open if you have time on the way down, I would save it for last
($3/person).   Not sure what to see ?  Its easy - stop at M.P. 33 at the Mount St. Helens
Forest Learning Center ( FREE ADMISSION !) for great exhibits and
cool shopping - and a
great Mt. St. Helens adventure for the whole family.   For the highlight of your Mount St.
Helens Vacation adventure go to the road end (52 miles from I-5) at Johnston Ridge
Observatory for the photo-op of the day and watch the short movie there.  Its $8/person to
go in the visitor center but believe  me - it's worth it and your contribution helps maintain the
Monument.   Take a
Virtual Drive up the Highway right now starting at the Mount St. Helens
Forest Learning Center.  Thank you for your visit to our Mt. St. Helens Visitor Travel Guide
and Vacation Planner - your source for Mt. St. Helens Visitor Information.  
 How cool is the
view?  Coming from Seattle ? Take I-5 Toledo exit 63 shortcut to Hwy 504 via Hwy 505
Save 12 MILES !   GO GREEN.
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Mt. St. Helens
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Mount St. Helens

Virtual Road Tour
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Forest Learning Center

Mount St. Helens
National Park ?

Local Weather
Thinking about hiking or climbing Mount St. Helens?  Check
out our Mt. St. Helens hiking and
climbing page and see a 360 degree view from the
crater rim!  Our Mt. St. Helens
map section and interactive Mt. St. Helens satellite view
will get you there.  

Keep up on all the latest happenings at
Mount St. Helens on Twitter or our RSS
News Feed   Share your photos, and comments on Mt. St. Helens Facebook page

Be sure to check out the Mount St. Helens Video page on our site.  It provides you a
great look at visitors hiking, climbing, touring, photographing, and enjoying Mount St.
Helens along with great historical footage and eruption videos.   Drop us an email with a
link to your Mount St. Helens video and if we really like it we may add your
video to our video page.   Our Mt. St. Helens
photography information page provides
some great eruption shots and tips on where to get the best photos and our
gallery has many unique pics.  This is a starting point to Discover Mt. St. Helens !

Mount St. Helens History Buffs: Think you know everything about Mt.
St. Helens ?  Check out our new
Mount St. Helens History section detailing: Mt. St.
Helens Historical eruptions, Native American history, Volcano Reawakening, Mt. St.
Helens Climatic eruption, Mt. St. Helen Debris Avalanche, Mt. St. Helens Lateral Blast,
Ash Eruption & Fallout, Mt. St. Helens Pyroclastic Flows, Mud Flows & Floods,
Catastrophic first minute, Mt. St. Helens Impact & Aftermath,  Subsequent activity,
Future Behavior, Continuing Volcanic Hazards, Scientists Challenge & Opportunity, Mt.
St. Helens Latest Eruptive Activity and dome growth and more.  Lots of photos included.

Where to Stay:  If you are considering hotel and motel lodging reservations we
have put together a Mt. St. Helens
Motel & Lodging Guide and Mount St. Helens
Camping & RV Park
information section.   If you are searching for where to stay at Mt.
St. Helens, or Castle Rock, WA or Kelso, WA  this is the place to look.   For places to
eat while here see our Mount St. Helens
Restaurant Guide.

Thank you again for your visit to our Mt. St. Helens Visitor Travel Guide and Vacation
Planner.  Enjoy your visit to the Mount St. Helen National Volcanic Monument.  

While in Washington, stop and see nearby
Mount Rainier National Park - just 90
minutes north of Mount St. Helens.  Check out our
Rainier Visitor Guide and Travel

More Cool Stuff:

Mt St Helens National Park is actually a National Monument but that may change
soon.  Go
here for all the details.

Blast Zone: The Blast Zone area starts at Hoffstadt Creek Bridge a couple miles
before the Forest learning Center.  This is the start of the Monument Area.

About Us:  This online Mount St. Helens Visitor Guide was originally created by Candy Richey, an
accomplished newspaper owner who started this site in 1990.   I took over management of the site
several years ago to build on her great tradition of providing an information resource for our visitors
while helping promote local businesses.   I've been hiking, fishing, hunting, camping, photographing,
4-wheeling, snowmobiling, and otherwise enjoying the Mount St. Helens area since long before the
eruption in 1980.  I've been involved in Mt. St. Helens tourism for the past 18 years.  I hope you enjoy
the site.  I welcome your input.    For information on the current  USFS eruption status of Mount St.
Helens visit: and for USGS news updates see and for more USGS scientific info on the volcano see

Most Photos on this site are owned by unless otherwise noted.  You are
welcome to use them only when accompanied by a suitable link to
Email me for more info.  

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Mt. St. Helens Visitor Information Search Engine
"Mount Helens Spelling ?"
Indians of the Northwest  
called Mount St. Helens
"Louwala-Clough," or
"smoking mountain." The
modern name, Mount St.
Helens, was given to the
volcanic peak in 1792 by
Captain George Vancouver
of the British Royal Navy. He
named it in honor of a fellow
countryman, Alleyne
Fitzherbert, who held the
title Baron St. Helens.

For more Mount St.
Helens History and Fun
Facts about Mt St. Helens

Worlds Top 10 Volcanoes

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