Hiking is available throughout
the Mount St. Helens area.
Monument passes, the same as
required for the
visitor centers,
are necessary. A special hiking
permit to go to the top of the
crater is available on a limited

There are hikes that take less
than an hour, as well as multi-day
hikes. Awesome views of the
crater, Spirit Lake, Mount Adams
and Mount Margaret, are all all
available. Keep in mind when
hiking, always be prepared for
sudden changes in weather.

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How hard is the
climb?  Every
Mothers day a
crazy tradition is
followed with many
climbing the
Volcano in dresses
- Guys and Gal's
alike.  This photo is
from the 2010 climb.

Permits are
$22/person but
unlimited before
May 15th.  Limit of
100/day after May
15th through
Volcano Rescue
Team Photos

View from the top of Mount St. Helens 7/18/2010 from @kevinseattle on Vimeo.

Ten Essential all
Climbers should Carry -
recommended by the

  • Climbing Helmet or Hard Hat -
    Protect your head in the event
    of volcanic ballistics or rock fall.
    (very few do, but a good idea)

  • Dust Mask (N95 type) - Cover
    your mouth and nose in the
    event of blowing dust.

  • Goggles or Sunglasses with
    Side Shields ( Oakleys are fine!)

  • Sunscreen - The Sun
    reflecting off of snow and ash is
    intense. Avoid contact lenses,
    as blowing ash and dust can be
    a problem.

  • Hat, & Climbing Boots -
    Sturdy, comfortable hiking
    boots and gaiters in spring to
    keep out snow.   

  • In Spring or Fall: Map,
    Compass, GPS, Route Markers
    - Use them to know where you
    are and where you are going.
    Be sure to tell someone at
    home of your plans.

  • First Aid Kit - You may need to
    come to your own rescue, or
    help someone else. Be

  • Knife - Handy for all kinds of
    purposes, especially the type
    with extra tools.

  • Extra Food and Water - Bring
    at least two quarts of water per
    person. No water is available at
    Climbers Bivouac or on the
    climbing route. Carry plenty of
    food to snack on all day.
    Reduce packaging to eliminate

  • Extra Clothing - A beautiful
    sunny morning can turn into a
    cold rainy afternoon.

  • Emergency signal device

  • Emergency Shelter - Yes, you
    planned to be out on one very
    long day.

  • Flashlight, extra batteries, and
    bulb - A necessity when the day
    is short and the trail is long.
Climbing Mount St. Helens:  The ONLY Climbing Route is from the south
side off Hwy 503 past Cougar and the Ape Caves.  

November 1 thru March 31, climbing permits are free of charge and are self
issue at the Climbing Registers located at the Marble Mountain Sno-Park and
Climbers Bivouac. All persons traveling above 4800 ft are required to have a
climbing permit.

April 1st through October 31st, Climbing Fees are in effect. Permits are $22.00
per person. Climbing Permits are available in advance on-line only.

May 15 though October 31st, a climbing quota is in effect with a limit of 100
climbers per day.

Climbing Permits  click to go to the MSH Institute Online Climbing
Permit Page.  
 PERMITS GO ON SALE FEB. 2nd, 2015, at 9 AM -

Weekends Sell Out Quickly - If you want to climb on a holiday
weekend get your permit that first morning.

To trade or exchange your permit goto the Cascade Climbers
exchange forum ( price is restricted to the $22 permit fee )

Climbing Conditions - Road Access Conditions