Just Sighted!  Bigfoot Photos

What we think may be one of the elusive bigfoot creatures reportedly seen in
the Mount St. Helens area has been seen recently just west of Silver Lake,
Washington.  Fact or fiction? Who knows, but these bigfoot photos make a
strong case for the existence of Bigfoot and in our own backyard!   

For documented area sighting information by the Bigfoot Field Researchers
Organization click

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On May 9th, 2002 at approximately 3p.m. my buddy and I were headed
towards Mt. St. Helens. We had just passed Hoffstadt Bluffs heading east and I
was looking down into the wash. The Toutle splits in this area and there was a
section that went between a heavily wooded area and the hillside leading to the
road. It is approximately 300 yards to the bottom. I noticed something walking
thru the creek at an angle and heading northeast. It happened quickly and I
yelled instantly to stop. I saw it for maybe 5 seconds. I could see the space
between its strides and I knew it had to be much bigger than a man from that
distance. The arms were long and it was dark colored. We didn't get stopped
quick enough for both of us to see it. We scanned the entire area for at least
10 to 15 minutes but saw no other movement. I could see the area where I
assume it left the woods and the ground did appear to have been disturbed. I
could not see the bottom of the hillside where I was standing."

From Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization

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by Stevie Smith - Aug 14 2008, 11:40
Tech Herald

Two hunters in Georgia have this week
laid claim to the discovery of Bigfoot,
saying that they found the body of a
large, hairy ape-like creature two
weeks ago while in forestry located in
the northern reaches of Georgia.

And, to help substantiate their claim,
Matthew Whitton and Rick Dyer are
reportedly preparing an official press
conference for
August 15, 2008
during which the hunters say they will
produce DNA and photographic
evidence that proves their find is
anything but an elaborate hoax.

While certainly not proof of fakery, it is
perhaps worth noting ahead of the
California press conference that
Whitton and Dyer just so happen to be
partners in a Bigfoot tracking business.

Related reports suggest the creature
is male and apparently has reddish
hair, blackish-grey eyes and human-
like teeth.

Of course, given the reach of
technology, existing photographs of
the supposed Bigfoot have already
found their way online, showing what
appears to be a large bodied ape-like
creature stuffed unceremoniously into
a freezer unit by the hunters for
preservation purposes.

Support for Whitton and Dyer is
already gathering with those long-
since associated with the Bigfoot
phenomenon. Specifically, fellow
Bigfoot hunter Tom Biscardi, who has
been searching for the legendary
beast for 35 years, is absolutely sure
the find is genuine.

Speaking in a Scientific American
report, Biscardi explained that media
coverage began building after the two
hunters appeared on a U.S. talk show
to announce their discovery. He also
notes that he’s the only person that
has thus far been permitted to view
and verify the body.

“They showed me the body. They took
me to the area where they found it -- it
took a day and a half to get there,”
said Biscardi. “I got to be honest, when
I first saw it I hated to see it in that
state it was in. I wanted to capture one
so the world could see it walking. I
guess this is the next best thing for the
time being.”

Biscardi also revealed that Whitton
and Dyer have video footage captured
on the same day of the find, which
apparently shows at least three more
Bigfoot creatures “walking upright like
a man.”

Biscardi’s organisation “Searching for
Bigfoot” has now partnered with
Whitton and Dyer in a combined effort
to track and capture a living Bigfoot
based upon the as-yet unreleased
location at which the hunters made
their initial discovery.

Considering that the ongoing search
for Bigfoot has returned nothing but
hoax claims and an active trade in
tourism, Whitton, Dyer and Biscardi
have been unsurprisingly hit with
accusations of foul play.

Despite the rush of scepticism,
Biscardi insists that once the press
conference confirms DNA analysis and
the two hunters are pictured right there
alongside the actual body of Bigfoot,
everyone will see “that it’s real, it’s not
all bullshit.”