Mt. Redoubt WebCam
Alaska's Mount Redoubt Erupts 3-23-09 ! Information Resource Center
Creator: Schaefer, Janet, courtesy of AVO/ADGGS.
Mt. Redoubt Volcano - click to enlarge
Mt. Redoubt Eruption - click to enlarge
Mount Redoubt Steam Plume
Mount Redoubt Volcano
Mount Redoubt Live Web Cam

Mount Redoubt Volcano in Alaska
finally started erupting Monday morning
 3-23-09. The last eruption in 1989-90
looked strikingly similar to some of the  
eruptions from Mount St. Helens in the
early 1980's.  Mount Redoubt's eruption
in 1990 dumped ash primarily north and
west of the volcano and lightly dusting
Anchorage and Kenai.   Anchorage is
experiencing ashfall from Redoubt
which could cause havoc for airline
traffic to the city - Alaska Airlines
cancelled 19 flights on Monday.   For
the latest news check our Mount
Redoubt News Ticker at the right and
also see the Mount Redoubt Webcam.
Alaska Volcano Observatory
Photograph by J. Warren, Redoubt Volcano 1990
Mount Redoubt looks a lot like Mount St. Helens doesn't it?
Mount Redoubt Webcam - click here
Mount Redoubt Eruption Activity - June 4, 1990
AVO Photo
Mount St. Helens Eruption Activity - May 19, 1982
( Lyn Topinka, USGS photo)
AVO Photo

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